Monday, June 15, 2009

Share your Woodstock memories with the Grammy Museum

We've been away for a few days and are still catching up on everything from the past four or five days. However, we saw this call for Woodstock stories from the Grammy Museum and wanted to share it with all of our Woodstock fans out there:

"We’re asking people who attended Woodstock or were involved in any way to help us put the show together, by lending their own artifacts, photographs, and memories," explains Katie Dunham, the museum's Spokesperson. "We’re looking for muddy sleeping bags, ticket stubs, handmade crafts, whatever tells the story through the eyes of the people who witnessed one of the most significant cultural moments in American music history."

Looks like fun. Feel free to continue sharing your Woodstock stories with us here as well. Only a few short weeks until Woodstock: The Oral History drops. The book is currently featured in a Publishers Weekly piece collecting all of the books that will be available this summer in celebration of the 40th anniversary.