Monday, June 22, 2009

Stephen Colbert vs. Donald Crosby, or, how our author wound up on The Colbert Report, albeit briefly

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Were you watching The Colbert Report last Thursday evening? If so you may have seen a quick nod to SUNY Press author Donald Crosby and his 2002 book, A Religion of Nature. Seems that another gentleman named Donald Crosby wrote a persnickety letter to Newsweek about Colbert, asking "Who the hell is Stephen Colbert? And who cares?" So how did Colbert reply to this slight? By mining it for comedy gold, of course: he named Donald Crosby as threat #1 in his regular Threatdown segment. Turns out Colbert runs the internet's biggest Donald Crosby fansite. Who knew? That's where he mentions the different Donalds that he features on the site—including our author! Look for a quick flash of our Donald Crosby's face and the book cover while Colbert mentions the book.

Okay, it's a minor nod, but we're smiling anyway. If anyone from the show is reading: we have plenty of authors who would make great guests, including our own Donald Crosby, of course. And trust us, Stephen, he knows who you are.

The fun with Donald Crosby starts around the 3:05 mark of the video. Enjoy.