Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poets on the Edge

Poets on the Edge: An Anthology of Contemporary Hebrew Poetry was recenty reviewed in the Jerusalem Post. The review is full of praise for the collection, as well as for editor and translator Tsipi Keller. Here's a snippet:

This new anthology of Hebrew poetry in translation has two special strengths - tremendous depth and a personal touch. In terms of depth, it moves far past the familiar big names of Hebrew poetry, or at least those names familiar to English-language readers. Sure, there's Yehuda Amichai, the most famous of recent Israeli poets, who has been widely translated by everyone from Ted Hughes to Leon Wieseltier to the team of Chana Bloch and Chana Kronfeld; there's Dahlia Ravikovitch, who is also fairly well-known, but there's also a slew of rarely translated or never-before-translated names that have a good chance of redefining the world's image of what Hebrew poetry is.
Read the entire review here.