Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Woodstock: Sly wants to take you higher

Having a tough time recovering from the Memorial Day weekend? Finding it tough to get your energy level back up after a weekend filled with either too much partying or too much time spent doing nothing? Well, Sly and the Family Stone can remedy that. Today we have an epic Woodstock 1969 performance from Sly and his Family Stone. They perform the heck out of their classic, "I Want To Take You Higher", even segueing into a crowd participation portion part way through that was intended to get everyone involved and do just what the song intended: take 'em all higher. After watching this we are pretty sure you'll notice a serious jump in energy level. Combine that with a strong cup of coffee and you may even be productive on your first day back after the long weekend. If you can stop watching Woodstock videos when you should be working, that is.

We also found this recent interview with Levon Helm, of the Band, discussing his Woodstock memories. Surprise—they're not all as charming as you might think.

Remember to stop by the SUNY Press booth (#4840) at Book Expo in NYC later this week and maybe even snag a galley copy of the forthcoming Woodstock: The Oral History, 40th Anniversary Edition.