Wednesday, May 6, 2009

From Coney Island to the Catskills

We have a tandem of books to share with you today, each providing definitive oral histories of their respective regions of New York State: It Happened in Brooklyn and It Happened in the Catskills.

It Happened in Brooklyn tells the story of the Brooklyn of legend in mid-century America. From stickball in the streets to the Dodgers playing in Ebbets Field, from eating Coney Island franks to commuting across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, this book is an ode to the era of working- and middle-class Brooklynites forging their paths in the postwar years.

It Happened in the Catskills reminisces about the famed “Borscht Belt,” that fabled summer resort area “just ninety minutes from Broadway.” More than a hundred Catskill veterans—from the famed entertainers to the cooks, waiters, busboys, mamboniks, and boys in the band—share their memories of this golden era.

Both books are loaded with beautiful period pictures.