Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Band, Woodstock, and a (very) brief history of the world

Our road to the 40th anniversary of Woodstock leads us back to the stage today...

Today's video is a wonderful song the Band played during their set at Woodstock 1969. The Band were so good they didn't need a fancy band name—they simply told you what they were right there in their name. And they were a band, that's for sure: the individual players formed a stronger whole. They created some of the most textured Americana music of any era, which is ironic, given that four of the original members were Canadian. Like most rock 'n' roll stories, this one ended after fissures between self-appointed leader Robbie Robertson and the rest of the band led to a breakup in the late seventies. So enjoy one of their higher profile performances of their classic song "The Weight."

However...before you get to the song, you're treated to an interesting history of, um, the world, as it lead up to Woodstock. You'd think that would take a long time, but somehow the fast talker in this clip managers to sum it all up in under a minute. Bravo.