Monday, April 12, 2010

Integral Options Cafe

As mentioned in an earlier post, we're taking orders for the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, plus releasing books in our new companion series on Integral Theory. We've recently discovered the Integral Options Cafe, and thought that readers of our new journal and series might find the blog of interest. Here's how William Harryman at the Cafe describes his mission:

Integral Options Cafe offers a place to discuss all things related to a Buddhist, integral worldview. While theory is important (Buddhism, Ken Wilber, Spiral Dynamics, psychology, and Integral Theory), so is politics, art & poetry, human values, popular culture, and humor. I invite comments, different points of view, and anything that can add to a civil discussion of living in an integral world.

Stan Grof, author of the forthcoming SUNY book Holotropic Breathwork, is actually featured in today's post on the Integral Options Cafe. The article offers a thorough exploration of how Grof helped "launch the dawn of a new psychedelic research era." It's a must-read for anyone interested in Grof, his research, and his impact on the field.