Friday, February 12, 2010

Binnie Klein, Boxing, and Boomer Lit

We've all heard that the boomer generation wields an enormous amount of buying power in today's consumer culture. So it only makes sense that the number of "boomer lit" titles seems to be growing steadily in recent years. Women On Writing (WOW) explores this genre and asks "Do readers want to follow the antics of a fifty-something woman as she looks for love while finding herself? Can a literary genre about the boomer generation draw enough interest to sustain it?" The answers appear be to complicated.

SUNY Press author Binnie Klein was interviewed for the article and shared her thoughts on her book, Blows to the Head, and if it fits in with other so-called "boomer lit" books.
Klein has mixed feelings about the boomer lit category. She says any time a genre is created, there’s a tendency to assign it a connotation or quality that doesn’t accurately describe it. On the other hand, boomer lit is an interesting marketing tool about the power of change and reinvention that she finds interesting. “Good books are good books whether you call them a catchy genre or not.”
Read the rest of Binnie's interview and the full article here. Do you read boomer lit? If so, what attracts you to the genre?  And what are some of your favorites?

Before we go, here's a recent interview with Binnie on WTNH's Connecticut Style. Enjoy!