Monday, August 24, 2009

Woodstock's Aftermath

Joel Makower recently postsed a bit of a Woodstock wrap up over on his blog. As he says,

While much has been written about the festival, not much has been said about the aftermath. That story, as I chronicled as part of my 1989 oral history book and audiobook, just republished, is almost as tangled and intriguing as the story of the festival itself: How the four young co-producers untangled themselves from lawsuits among themselves and with scores of others. How Warner Bros. made off with the film and music rights, with barely nothing going to the musicians or producers. How the local townspeople around the festival site never got over the experience, in both good and bad ways.

Joel also includes an excerpt from his book that focuses on the unheralded story of Max and Miriam Yasgur, the dairy farmers who rented their land for the festival.